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                • 高效率餐饮油烟净化器的三大特征
                • 本站编辑:杭州东润科∞技实业有限公司发布日期:2018-08-24 16:07 浏览次数:


                  There are three main characteristics of high efficiency cooking fume purifier.


                  First, the high efficiency cooking fume purifier can not observe the smoke completely.

                  高效率餐饮油烟净化器可以将净化效率提高到95%以上,经过这样的净化器处理,即使是在餐馆工作的高峰时ξ期,普通人肉〓眼是观察不到排放尾气中有烟雾存在ζ 的(北方寒冷冬天会观察到水雾存在,属于正常现◇象)。对于高要求的▓油烟净化工程,只要能观察到油烟存在, 可以※认定工程失败,无论设备厂家有多少听起来合理的解释都是徒劳的,因为将要投诉您的邻居是完╲全不理会厂家的申诉①的,只要看见烟雾就会ω 投诉。

                  Efficient cooking oil fume purifier can improve the purification efficiency to more than 95%, after such purifier treatment, even in the peak period of restaurant work, ordinary people can not see the existence of smoke emissions (the northern cold winter will observe the existence of water mist, is a normal phenomenon). For a high-demand lampblack purification project, the failure of the project can be ascertained as long as the presence of lampblack is observed. No matter how many reasonable explanations sound from the equipment manufacturer, it is futile because the neighbor who will complain will completely ignore the manufacturer's complaint and will complain if he sees the smoke.



                  Two. High efficiency cooking fume purifier is stable for a long time, with low failure rate.

                  各类︾澳博体育在线设备的工作原理都不复杂∏,但如何在高温、高湿、电网动荡、空气污浊的环境下长期稳◤定工作是关键的技术△所在。高端和低端产品的性能差别比微型面包车同奔驰越野车的差别还大。安装净化设№备的目的是为了避免麻烦而不是找麻烦【,如果设备故障率高, 即使厂家售后服务能够跟↑上,频繁的设备维护也会给正常营业制造大量麻烦

                  The working principle of all kinds of kitchen lampblack purifiers is not complicated, but how to work stably in high temperature, high humidity, turbulent power grid and dirty air is the key technology. The performance difference between high-end and low-end products is larger than that of mini van and Benz off-road vehicle. The purpose of installing purification equipment is to avoid trouble rather than trouble. If the equipment failure rate is high, even if the manufacturer can keep up with after-sales service, frequent equipment maintenance will cause a lot of trouble to normal operation.


                  Three, high efficiency cooking fume purifier cleaning cycle is long, each cleaning and maintenance time is fast.

                  不同种类⊙的澳博体育在线设备具有不同的清洗周期和清洗方法。一般情ㄨ况下正常的清洗维护不会影响餐厅的正常营♀业,但维护周期的长短和每次维护的劳动强度和麻烦程度预示厂家ぷ未来对设备长期维护承诺的可信度。间隔一个月以上〗的清洗周期和每次最长不超过一小时的清洗维护时间是普通@ 澳博体育在线设备难以达到的技术标准,而高性能的净化设备基ω本上能做到两个月以上清洗一次,每次只需半个小〇时左右。

                  Different types of kitchen fume purifier equipment have different cleaning cycles and cleaning methods. Normal cleaning and maintenance in general will not affect the normal operation of the restaurant, but the length of the maintenance cycle and the intensity and trouble of each maintenance of the labor force indicates that the future manufacturers of equipment long-term maintenance commitment to the credibility. Cleaning cycle interval of more than one month and cleaning maintenance time of up to one hour each time is difficult to reach the technical standards of ordinary kitchen fume purifier equipment, while high-performance purification equipment can basically be cleaned more than two months at a time, each time only about half an hour.