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                • 油烟管道排烟不畅的是什么导致的
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                What are the reasons for the poor smoke exhaust from the lampblack pipeline?

                For a period of time, there will be a lot of oil pollution in the impeller and exhaust fan flue, which will increase the weight of the impeller. This will inevitably increase the rotational kinetic energy of the wind wheel and increase the starting current of the motor.

                Authoritative organizations have done testing: the long-term clean lampblack machine, when starting the current is 3-6 times the normal value, so it is easy to burn the motor, so regular cleaning lampblack machine, motor is a good protection, can extend the service life of lampblack machine. Oil stain sticks to the motor shaft, increases the friction force, and increases the load of the motor - electricity consumption. The oil pollution of axial fan accumulates for a long time, and oxidizes to form acidic substance, which corrodes and rusts the lampblack machine and accelerates its aging.

                Oil pollution accumulates in the inside of the hood and flue for a long time, which will also cause fire hazards. Oil pollution in impeller and flue increases stickiness, makes exhaust unobstructed, increases the spread of oil fume in kitchen space, and endangers people's health.